About CAcert

CAcert is a Community based Certificate Authority which has taken up the cause of providing a free, open and transparent Public Key Infrastructure for all Community Members. By connecting the virtual identities of the internet with real world identities, it provides for an enhanced experience in a virtual world.

A bit of history: Duane Groth wanted secure his WLAN network of his hometown. This was too expensive, and marked the start of the Community. Founded in: 2002 CAcert Org, 2003 CAcert Inc. There are currently 3257 active Assurers, and 19067 participients (dated: Jan 18th 2010).

Why Visit our Booth?

  1. Everybody can become Community Member for using free certificates. All he needs to do, is perform identity verification (Assurance)
  2. Small companies with small budgets and Organisations (Incorporations, Schools, Universitys) can get informations how they can add value to their members / customers, by adding client certification logins to their internet portals
  3. Linux distributions and software developers can get informations how they can add an additional piece of code to extend their login procedures, to allow their users secured connections.

Community Members have the choice to create Client Certificates, Email certificates (signing, encryption), Server certificates (SSL, TLS), Document Signing, Codesigning. Also its possible to sign PGP/PGP Keys (keysigning parties).

For browser integration of the root certificates there is a requirement of an audit. The audit is still open and must be handled by the community and is very time consuming. More information is on the CAcert wiki.