At Open Source Days

Update: We will be at the lounge on the 1st floor (where the Drupal, irssi booths are) on Saturday the 6th at 4pm. Bring one, and if you can, two identity papers (passport, EU identity papers, drivers' license), to the venue.

For PGP: Present this/these to one or more of the trusted checkers at the conference (for example, Pim will offer two talks, find him there) and ask them to ascertain your identity. Present to them your your PGP key fingerprint. They will make note of each and put it on a list of verified participants.

If one person verifies your identify, you will get a score of 1. If two people verify your identity, you will get a score of 2. I three or more do so, you'll get s score of 3. Depending on this score, the other participants will know how many of the alleged trusted identity checkers will have corroborated your crypto material (PGP key(s)).

For CAcert: Present this/these to the people at the CAcert booth and ask them to assure your identity. If not already done, fill one identity verification form per assurer (please use the English formular at foreign assurers). Each of them will take the formular with him and assign you later on the points digitally.

The amount of the assigned points depends on the experience of the assurer, that means how many assurances the assurer already did. You can include your full name in the certificates once you got 50 assurance points. Having 100 points or above, digitally sign code, web applets, installers, etc. including your name and location in the certificates is possible.